What are Servo Motor Actuators?

Introduction to Linear Servo Actuators

Linear Servo Actuators are devices used to rotate or push parts of a machine with precision. These servo actuators are used in variety of applications such as toys, home electronics, automobiles and airplanes.

Product Highlight: Linear servo Motors - Linear Brushless Ironless Motors

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Moticont's Linear Brushless Ironless Servo Motors can be utilized in a number of applications including Robotics, actuators, stages, machine tools and electronic manufacturing to name a few.

News Release: MotiCont releases SDLM-051 linear motors with built-in encoder

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MotiCont releases SDLM-051 linear motors with built-in encoder that eliminate backlash and provide users with high acceleration, high speed, high resolution and long life.

Product review: Motorized Linear Stages for high speed, high acceleration applications

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The high performance compact positioning voice coil driven linear stages are used in positioning applications where high speed, high acceleration or high accuracy is required.

What are the differences between solenoids and voice coil motors?

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Projects involving linear motion have been chalenging engineers for far too long when it comes to deciding between Solenoids and Voice Coil Actuators (VCAs).Both of these devices are electromechanical units capable of accomplshing similar tasks. However, there are several major differences between the two devices which makes it crucial to select the correct device suited for the project at hand.

Moticont introduces Direct Drive Linear Motors with Built-in Encoder

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These direct drive linear motors are supplied with an internal shaft supported by long life linear bearings and an integrated position sensor, eliminating backlash and extra space needed for an external feedback device. While there are many different types of precision actuators, direct drive actuators are the best choice when responsiveness, accuracy, speed, and high resolution are essential.

what is a linear voice coil motor?

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Linear DC Motors, Voice Coil Motors (VCM) or Voice Coil Actuators (VCA) are the simplest type of electric motors. These motors consist of two separate parts; the magnetic housing and the coil. Applying a voltage across the terminals of the motor causes the motor to move to one direction. Reversing the polarity of the applied voltage will move the motor to the opposite direction.



MotiCont is a manufacturer of motion control products. The company's product line includes voice coil motors, three phase brushless motors and positioning stages and slides. All products are available for immediate worldwide shipment. Read more…

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