Differential to Single Ended Converter, 1000-01 Series


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Dual-channel Differential to Single Ended Converter



  • Converts Two Channels of TTL Differential Signals to Two Channels of Single Ended Signals
  • Jumper Selectable 1 KOhm Pull-ups, 1 KOhm Pull-downs and 120 Ohm Line-to-Line Termination on all Inputs


    Supply Voltage

    +5 VDC


    Mounting Pattern Four Places, Diameter 0.125” (3.0 mm)
    Dimensions 1.70" (43.2 mm) W x 2.20" (55.9 mm) L

    Pinout - Input

    PIN Description
    T (+) Encoder A+ Channel Input
    T (-) Encoder A- Channel Input
    R (+) Encoder B+ Channel Input
    R (-) Encoder B- Channel Input

    Pinout - Output

    PIN Description
    +VCC +5 VDC power input
    DIR Do Not Use
    TX Encoder A Channel Output
    RX Encoder B Channel Output
    GND Ground Connection for Power Supply

    1 KOhm Pull-down Resistor Jumper Setting

    1 KOhm Pull-down Resistor Jumper Setting

    120 Ohm Line-to-Line Termination

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